Diversity / Affirmative Action Plan: NASW - Alabama Chapter

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The Alabama Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-AL Chapter) is committed to providing diversity in all aspects of its programmatic operations in accordance with Section 1.05 as outlined in § (a), (b) and (c) of NASW-Code of Ethics. For the purpose of this Diversity / Affirmative Action Plan, diversity must be understood to be relative in relation to the continued enhancement of foundational understanding and principle knowledge necessary to embrace the cultural dynamics exemplified here in Alabama. Further, assessing the impact of these aforementioned dynamics on the human behavior of the Alabama citizenry and its implication to Social Work Practitioners will afford an opportunity to leverage lessons learned and enhanced understanding to further our goals towards establishing a more diverse and equitable environment for NASW-AL Chapter Members to thrive.

NASW-AL Chapter hereby affirms its commitment to institute policies and procedures that support the attainment of diversified goals and objectives for the betterment of its membership. Further, NASW-AL Chapter will enthusiastically encourage and promote diversity throughout all levels of its chapter operations towards the fulfillment of its charge. By preemptively planning and proactively acting, NASW-AL Chapter accepts the challenge to address the issue of diversity and chooses to act in the best interest of its chapter membership, striving to strengthen and expand its all-inclusive organizational dynamics.

The NASW-AL Chapter’s Diversity Plan will be monitored to ensure policies and programs are properly developed as well as implemented by the Executive Director, Chapter Staff, and Board of Director

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