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Social Work Voices 2020 Retreat

 The Social Work Voices 2020 Retreat

Montgomery, Alabama



At the 2020 Social Work Voices Retreat, a multidisciplinary mix of social workers and like-minded professionals will come together in Montgomery Alabama for 4 days of incomparable professional development, networking and continuing education. 


  • The National Association of Social Workers - Alabama Chapter has a longstanding history of supporting the advancement and development of social workers throughout the state of Alabama, the Southeast, and nationwide.  Further, we welcome this opportunity to collaborate with Social Work Voices, LLC to feature our historic relevance as the birthplace of civil rights and the pursuit of social justice and equity for all throughout this nation.
  • The Social Work Voices Retreat is distinguished to be a fresh and significantly unique gathering place for social work practitioners, academecians, students, like minded partners and leaders to relax, relate, and release creativity in the interest of social justice reform and problem resolution.
  • This year's retreat aims to build a stronger understanding and synergy around the impact that social work has on the individuals, families, groups and communities that they serve.
  • Through the provision of unique and relevant immersion experiences in historic Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding areas, attendees will gain critical insight into the social construction that has become our reality related to critical social justice and policy matters surrounding mass incarceration and trauma. Changing the culture of the conversation, our objective is to ultimately identify and commit ourselves to the development of new and innovative interventive methodologies and service delivery strategies designed to aid in the pursuit of enhanced effectivene4ss, efficiency and equity in our communities.


This eclectic gathering will offer unparalleled networking opportunities, cutting edge skill-building conversations and highly influential speakers. By collaborating with many prominent leaders in social work and related areas, Social Work Voices, LLC and NASW - Alabama Chapter are committed to bring you an opportunity like none other! This year's retreat will not disappoint, with impressive speakers, cultural immersion tours, and highly engaging and relevant conversations that are sure to enhance and further develop attendees both personally and professionally. (Check back regularly for updates on confirmed presentation and keynote information)


The greatest benefits of attending this retreat comes from the relationships built between the individuals represented. Those in attendence are representative of local, state and federal levels of government service, nonprofit organizations, or in some instances even private industry - but all share a likeminded vision and mission to work in the best interest of the public good.  Further, all understand and value the unique worth of social work professionals in a society plagued with social ills and inconsistencies that result in great injustices to vulnerable individuals, families / groups, and communities.


Participants from the inaugural Social Work Voices Retreat in Martha's Vineyard (2019) said the opportunity reinvigorated them to commit to making strides to positively impact social justice. We have more in common than not - why not accept the challenge to become part of something bigger than ourselves?  This is our opportunity to strategically leverage our power in solidarity to engage, empower, and ignite a movement for justice in the face of injustice.




1619 to 2020:  Mass Incarceration and Trauma - Justice in the Face of Injustice

 Impacting Individuals, Families and Communities


Dates: May 26-30,2020

Location: Historic Montgomery, Alabama and Surrounding Areas

Audience: Multi-Sector Social Work Practitioners, Academicians, Students, and like-minded Partners

CEUs: Up to 20 Total Hours Continuing Eductation Credit Available 



General Sessions: Topic-focused sessions throughout the course of the retreat

Breakout Sessions: Structured Small Group Mini-Conversations

Paper Presentations: Accepted presentations will be featured throughout the retreat. Presenters are encouraged to share their work during their designated session, and then to continue the dialogue with attendees as appropriate in naturally flowing interactions. 



Reflections of the past: 400 Years - Then to Now...

Mass Incarceration and the pursuit of racial, social, environmental mand economic justice.  Key areas of interest:

    • The Broken System of Criminal Justice
    • School to Prison Pipeline
    • Mental Health and Healthcare Disparities of the Incarcerated
    • Structural Biases (ie: overcrowding, death penalty, wrongful conviction, cash bail, etc.)
    • Re-entry of previously incarcerated persons

The role of social work professional leadership, networks, and advocacy in changing the conversation. 

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