Call for Advertisers (Annual Publication)

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NASW - Alabama Chapter would love to advertise your organizations program offerings, job positions, upcoming events, and any special announcements to our 2000+ members, partnering institutions, and social work professional network within Alabama. The call for advertisers for our 2017 Annual Fall Publication has begun and we would love for you to be included. Below are our advertising options for consideration. Let us know how we can help you!

Space Allocated (Pages 8.5x11) Rate:

  • Quarter Page $100.00
  • Half Page $150.00
  • Full Page $200.00
  • Flyer Insert $250.00

Want Something Advertised Now? 

 The NASW-AL Chapter has several forms of media that go out to the students, professional social workers, and human service agencies in the state of Alabama. This includes Website, Membership Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter! If you wish to communicate your message to our social work members, then you want to advertise with us!





NASW-AL Chapter will accept advertising as long as the ads and their promotions do not misrepresent, libel, slander and as long as they conform to the overall values and ethics of the social work profession. NASW-AL Chapter reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason. Publication of an advertisement and/or classified listing does not constitute endorsement or approval by NASW-AL of any product or services advertised, any point of view, standard, or opinion presented therein. NASW-AL is not responsible for any claims made in the advertisement appearing in its publication or on this website.