June 13, 2016

The NASW-Alabama Chapter wishes to take this opportunity to join the State of Florida and this entire nation in expressing our deepest sorrow and alarm in the occurrence of the largest and most senseless mass shooting to ever take place throughout this country. What took place in the early hours of June 12, 2016 has set the course for social work practice as no other incident may ever have.


Social Workers, we must ask ourselves – “WHY do we keep seeing these extreme individuals (and in some instances radicalized groups) acting out in violence – targeting those that are vulnerable, weak, exceptions to the what has been the “social norm” or the “status quo”? WHY must we continue to have bloodshed in our streets, our institutions, or homes like nothing is the matter – when the “matter” is that each and every instance is reflective of the dangerousness and the impact that our apathetic views of gun control and freedom trigger yet another senseless slaughter of so many fathers, mothers, sons and daughters? WHY do we entertain these images as simply snapshots of our yesterday without even considering how to shift the conversation and change the dynamics so that our tomorrows will be more reflective of what America is “supposed” to represent – to look like – to be? How many lives must be lost before we wake up and realize that inaction IS action indeed? Are we so detached and removed from the equation because it doesn’t involve us directly or one of our own loved ones? Our Code of Ethics calls for us to do more than we are doing – more than they expect of us – more than we even believe ourselves capable of doing! Not alone – but together, in corporate unison and commitment.


NASW-Alabama Chapter is calling upon each of you – let’s join together in solidarity to make a shift in the conversation – an acknowledgement as to the need for dialog, intervention, and healing within each of our communities. Aren’t we tired yet of sending our deepest condolences and sentiments of support to families of victims? How many more instances of violent one-upsmanship must we be hearing about before we stand up and say “STOP - NO MORE!” We have an ethical responsibility to act – on behalf of our practice, our profession, our communities, and on behalf of our ailing society at large. We must speak up, pay attention, and act in any way we can to promote healing and peace within our communities. Gun violence is real, and out of control. Idealistic social norms and pressures are greatly impacting our day to day lives. Our differences as individuals and the rights we have to maintain those differences are the law of the land, yet so many are targeted, challenged, and violated because of these individualistic rights and privileges. There are more and more “Isms” impacting our individuals, families, and groups. Social Workers, our communities need us. NASW-Alabama Chapter calls you to JOIN US IN SOUNDING THIS ALARM! It’s our move


NASW-Alabama Chapter