THE ACA IS STILL STANDING: Let's keep it that way!

Last week was one for the history books. After seven years of promising and seven months of scrambling, U.S. Senate opponents of the Affordable Care Act took their big shot at repealing the law - and they failed!  The stunning defeat is a testament to people power. You wrote, you called, you rallied, you marched, you camped out -- and you KILLED THE BILL!
Now, Congress has taken off for August recess. While they're home, let's make sure they know we were watching -- and that we expect them to protect and strengthen our health care!
Some Alabama members of Congress have already scheduled town hall meetings during the August break. Please contact their district offices to learn about events in your area and plan to attend one if you can. Here are some suggested thoughts and questions to pose to your lawmakers in person or by email or letter:
"As your constituent, I am [very concerned that you put my health care in jeopardy by voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and cut Medicaid]/[very thankful that you protected my health care by voting no on repealing the ACA and cutting Medicaid]. I am so thankful that the repeal bill failed. Now it's time for Congress to stop trying to repeal the ACA and start improving it. I have four questions for you:
"1. Going forward, will you pledge to vote NO on any legislation that leaves more people uninsured or raises health care costs for your constituents?
"2. Will you commit to work on bipartisan legislation to stabilize and strengthen the health insurance market?
"3. In light of the Administration's threats to undermine the ACA, will you commit to vote YES on long-term funding for the cost-sharing reductions that make health care more affordable for your constituents?
"4. Will you pledge to vote NO on any bill that cuts or undermines Medicaid?"
The defeat of ACA repeal is a big win for Alabama families, and it's proof that your voice makes a difference. Have a great August, and keep speaking up to protect health care for all Alabamians!